Stickman battle

Electric Man 2In the world of arts and entertainment, gaming is a very significant contributor and Electric Man 2 is a very interesting game. This game is composed of a charged stickyman that is ready to fight by punching, grabbing and kicking with aim of destroying the metallic opponent. In order to fight, the sticky man uses fighting skills drawn from street fighting, martial arts and also other contributions of superman powers.

Playing Electric Man 2 is very simple because the players use the four arrow keys to play. In addition, the keys W, Q, E, D, A and S are also used for the functions of grabbing, punching and kicking amongst others. Ideally, this is a completion between two fighters and the gamer must use combat techniques to win the opponent. The tournament of the Voltagen is very competitive where combative opponents compete with the aim of finding a champion. If you are up for the game then wake up and overthrow the current champion that still reigns.

Take a look on this badass fights, some people are so skilled in this game that it almost scares me, lol.

Good luck and have fun in your fighting tournament.